“Having my teen work with Catherine Fries Vaughn has been an amazing experience. We have known Catherine for years and only as the pandemic hit did it occur to me to reach out to her as a teacher for my daughter, Maddie. It was the best call we made for 2020. The depth of understanding Catherine has as a teacher, her ability to reach out to a younger student, and the respect with which these students respond to her is amazing. I know that Maddie is a stronger performer, and an actor with more depth of consciousness in her work because of her weekly time with Catherine this past year.”

Loren Ellis Smyth, With 16 year old Madeline Elyse Smyth

“Catherine has been working with my young daughter since she was a wiggly 6 year old. Catherine encouraged her love of singing and taught her how to harness her energy for performing while also introducing her to the foundations of breathing, posture, and learning how to tackle songs. As my daughter progresses, Catherine tailors the lessons to her abilities and interests. Through Catherine’s guidance and incredible support, my daughter has a strong, beautiful voice and is able to navigate auditions with confidence and maturity.”

Sam Riviello, parent

“To see you with your students is exhilarating. It’s obvious that you meet them where they are and take them further…not every teacher can do that.”

Sara Morsey, Actor

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to have worked with Catherine Fries Vaughn in many capacities in the Theatre over the years. I’ve played opposite her on stage, Directed her, worked with her on Production teams and taught Master Classes with her.  The constant with Catherine is her compassion, within the passion, that she has for the work.  The dignity she exudes and the respect she has for her fellow production team members, cast members, students, and even the audience is both obvious and delightfully generous.” 

Carl PeoplesWriter / Director / Producer

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